150PR | Public relations for the bottom line
Our mission at 150PR is to create or resuscitate your public relations project or program.
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Cover stories, national news shows, brand-best results and consistent positive press:

it’s all been launched right here.

150PR was launched in 2006 and in ten years, we’ve built a business based on trust and success. We view public relations as an investment and we practice PR with one thing in mind: your bottom line. On our clients’ behalf we have secured extensive print, broadcast and online coverage in all US markets and abroad. We have established partnerships with the media so they not only take our calls but they now call us. 

How do we do it?


We’re an emotional agency, highly involved and overly committed by choice.


We stay in the know and we anticipate trends. As a result we are positively proactive.

homepage_34But above and beyond all

Our agency is powered by sales executives. Each managing partner has over 10 years in a national sales roll. So we’re used to performing under pressure and we embrace  the challenge of applying sales expertise to your business.

Our mission at 150PR is to create or resuscitate your public relations project or program with CPR – 

commitment, passion and results.

a fully committed team

We are selective with whom we seek to represent: category leaders who can truly differentiate themselves. We simply don’t churn and burn clients. We’ve built our business one company at a time, on purpose and with purpose. Our business relies on news makers and news breakers and we’re highly committed to both. Our clients in the media have different needs and we must create synergies between them.


Equally important is our passion

We’re an emotional agency who works with spirited companies and emotional brands. We need to share your vision because we’re either all in or not in at all. We have to believe in you because we will align and become a part of you.


The end game is results

Because our company is run by sales executives your bottom line is always top of mind. Integrations among public relations, advertising, marketing, sales is essential for any communication platform to succeed. But it doesn’t mean anything if the communication strategy doesn’t benefit the company in terms of revenue, sales and ultimately profit. Because we know what sells and how to sell. Our agency’s different. We keep senior level sales strategists involved in all phases of your business from strategy to execution. Our mission is to sell: on brand and on budget. It’s our way of doing business and that’s public relations for the bottom line.

Proof it works

When former T.G.I. Friday’s head Richard Snead was asked by the Dallas Morning News to bring the highlight of his career for a photo shoot, he could have chosen anything. What he did choose was the media coverage book for Friday’s “Right Portion, Right Price” campaign, which resulted in a national “Most News Coverage” award for his agency 150PR.